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Doug Warner

15th Jan 2012, 11:19 PM

Great placement of your 3D models. You are actually playing the role of a director when you made this comic book by placing your models in the most convincing positions. Did you make the 3d models yourself and what 3D molding program did you use (3ds max, Maya or what?) This is an idea I thought about doing if I had the patients to try and get better in 3DS Max. I think I would probably take this approach a step further and touch up the picture in order to get rid of the 3D model look. Have you ever tried taking your models into photo shop and touching them up to give the pictures a more natural look? Don’t get me wrong the art you are doing here is really good. Adding the extra steps involving photoshop or some other paint program would be difficult and it also may not needed. I was just curious if the thought ever crossed your mind. In any event the comic book still looks good no matter how you managed to pull it off.

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Bad Dog
17th Jan 2012, 3:43 AM

I use Poser 9. I don't make the models myself - I have a Platinum membership with Daz3d so get deals cheap-cheap. I do some work in Photoshop, mostly just posterization to remove some of the heavy 3D-ness and give it some black edging to mimic inking.

I do have experience in 3DS, but really just don't have the patience to do it, especially when exceptional models are already available for purchase at affordable prices.

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