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Bad Dog
18th Mar 2012, 7:25 PM

The Concordium vessel in panel 2 is not actually that close, but took a little creative licence with the distance.

In the Slipstream universe, sensor and weapon ranges are marked in colours - green means a long ways off and generally safe as any shots are highly likely to miss, even energy weapons, Amber closer in and are a threat. Red means any shots will have a very high probability of a hit. Given the Concordium vessel is amber for the big gun, the ship is actually probably about 7,000 km away - but can't really show that with any meaning - "that dot there? That's not a star but a big nasty ship, be afraid!"

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19th Mar 2012, 4:02 AM

Does the Concordium get excited by any ship that ends up in their solar system slipgate trap, or do they have a special interest in the Calysto?

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Bad Dog
19th Mar 2012, 10:11 AM

Technically, the Concordium is not out to kill everybody - but they do like to violently protect their secrets. The slipgate really isn't a trap, but the Condordium has no need to maintain the outgoing systems. They keep the slipgates as a back up for their own ship systems, if in the event the slipstream system would happen to fail while the vessel is beyond Barnard's Star.

If another ship happens to use them, then they will pounce, assuming pirates and thieves.

But, as hopefully suggested here, this vessel might have a special interest in the Calysto.

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