Bonus Art - The Next Generation


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Bad Dog
14th Sep 2016, 6:34 PM

This art features the characters redone with more up-to-date models. As it is now, Vivienne and Chuck were both made with the Victoria 4 model, K is Aiko 3, Dr. Nivahne is Micheal 3, and Vincent is Micheal 4.

The remade characters almost all use the newer and much nicer Victoria 7 and Micheal 7. K still uses Victoria 4, with a blending of The Girl 4 and Aiko 4 (as I can't find a good anime robot set for V7).

This current Book will continue with the original models. This post is solely to preview the character re-imaginings for the next Book to come soon when this part of the story concludes.

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14th Sep 2016, 6:59 PM

Two Comments and a question;
1. Love the series wish it updated more often so I could get my fix.

2. Pugsly is still as ugly a flea bitten mutt as I have seen.

Question: Why the hell does a robot have nipples? I mean, every body does it. I can see them on a sexbot but a straight up robot?

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Bad Dog
30th Oct 2016, 9:36 PM

Well, for her breasts, I would say that giving her a feminine shape while keeping her robotic looking serves two purposes;

1) it defines her personality more, as she has a more feminine-sided AI. Rarely are wholly alien looking entities empathized with unless really well done (a la R2-D2).

2) it is a contributing factor in lessening the effects of the Uncanny Valley, coupled with more artificial looking design.

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