Concordium of Knowledge


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Bad Dog
8th Jan 2011, 1:05 PM

Yep, changing the style again for Chapter 3. Hate to do it, but received a few comments, here and via MSN, that an actual comic book format works better for this story - which I agree with. Given that this is my first webcomic, and my available time shifts a lot, I consider this more an experimental work. So, this is a sampling of the new format going into Chapter 3.

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8th Jan 2011, 3:25 PM

I like it!

...the new style, but also the whole thing.

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8th Jan 2011, 3:58 PM

I can hear it now, the Evil Emperor speaks; Gizmo, I am your real master, I kept your collar after you ran away. Gizmo come home all is forgiven, you can rule the universe with me Gizmo, Gizmo come home please come home.

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Bad Dog
8th Jan 2011, 6:19 PM

Somehow I knew there would be an "Emperor" comment :)

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11th Jan 2011, 1:28 PM

This looks cool~! But the stars are so heavily edge enhanced it looks more like a granite wall.

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